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All Around #12

Building up down under

Pioneering infrastructures are booming in Australia and New Zealand. Ambitious transport, supply and disposal projects are already being made a reality. Many new projects are in the planning pipeline. Learn more about innovative traffic and utility tunnelling in Oceania.

Update for Sydney Metro

Five for Sydney

Sydney is the front runner in metro mobility in Australia. Facts are being created very quickly and with a high emphasis on safety. With five Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines, experienced const-ruction consortiums are delivering one breakthrough after another: 31 kilometers of new metro tunnels within 17 months.

35 years of expertise

A shared history of breakthroughs

Herrenknecht tunnelling technology gained a foothold on the 5th continent in 1986. Contractors are using Herrenknecht technology in over 100 projects. 86 project breakthroughs have already taken place. Newly built infrastructure: over 260 kilometers of new tunnels, pipelines and pipeline networks.

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At a glance

All around down under

Current tunnelling milestones

Brisbane xl


Army bay

Lake torrens


All set to go

Mission Future

Australia and New Zealand are launching bold and groundbreaking infrastructure programs for the coming decades. They are expected to trigger far-reaching impulses for economic and social prosperity. A report on hands-on shaping of the future.

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Portrait Herrenknecht Australia

Passionate tunnel engineer between continents and time zones

Charles Howarth is Managing Director of Herrenknecht Australia and the key contact for customers and their underground missions. A short story about the development of the Herrenknecht subsidiary in Australia.

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